Your Local Wildlife Specialist 


We Use only the most up to date techniques to catch and remove your Nuisance Animals and Wildlife.

We Use only the highest grade materials to protect and animal proof your home. Metal based & Concrete.

Animal Trapping

We Are Your Animal Removal Pros

Attic Sanitation

Our technicians will go into the Attic & remove & sanitize all the contaminates left behind after a Wildlife  infestation

WIldlife Exclusion

Wildlife is a growing issue here in  Florida, you must be trained and qualified to handle these Animal Removal Needs in Florida . All of our Technicians in Florida are expertly trained and certified through the State of Florida. In fact we have 2 State Certified Animal Control Officers on Staff in Florida.

Our staff is composed of college educated technicians with degrees & backgrounds in Wildlife Biology, Entomology & Construction  Florida. Together as a Team we have combined 35 years of Training & Experience Florida.

We will provide a fast and affordable service for your Trapping,Animal Repairs: Exclusions,  Bee Removals & Extermination, and any other Wildlife Need you may have  Florida. Give us a call and we will be there fast!!

We are a family owned, Christian based operated company in Florida.

We promise to always provide honest inspections and quality flat rates for your Wildlife and Animal needs  in Florida. All our Inspections are Free with No Hidden Fees  in Florida. Each inspection will take about an Hour to an Hour and a Half  in Florida we are very extensive. We will go on the roof, walk around the exterior of the house, get in the attic, everything that it takes to completely diagnose and resolve the issue in  in Florida