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We specialize in: Raccoon Removal, Rodent Control, Rat Trapping, animal removal, Bird Control, Bat Removal, Rat Trapping, Squirrel Control, snake Removal, Critter Control, Opossum Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Armadillo Control, And So much More! We provide full-service nuisance animal removal and wildlife control for our customers, both commercial and residential. If you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or even just need help. Always feel free to give us a call, we are 24/7 and always answer our phones for any and all emergency services!

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We believe that Florida families and individuals should be able to live in peace and coexistence with Florida’s beautiful natureal wildlife and critters. We are a 100% Humane animal trapping & Nuisance wildlife Control company that prides itself in the care for animals and nature. We are a useful resource for homeowners, property managers, businesses, real estate owners and service professionals to reinforce your home from outside elements. We offer professional identification, removal, and relocation of nuisance wildlife and pests with a 1-5 year guarantee and 100% money back warranty.

Brendan Mangnitz, President of Centurian , established the company after more than a decade of working in sales and customer service. He went to the University of South Florida in Tampa and graduated with his Business Management degree. He later realized his true calling for Wildlife Control and went back to the University of Florida in Gainesville and received his background and training in entomology and wildlife biology. He was ready to start his own business where he could deliver a quick, effective, affordable solution to a dangerous and potentially costly problem. His attention to detail, ethical business practices, and exceptional customer service have enabled him to come to the rescue of countless homeowners who are threatened by invasive wildlife. Brendan has made it his passion to care about his company, employees and clients, his customer service, knowledge and resources are second to noe. Brendan takes great satisfaction in transforming wildlife-stricken living environments to safe, fortified homes.

Kenny Clark, Vice President of Business Operations, offers more than a decade of sales, marketing, and law enforcement experience. Although Kenny is a grown man at the tender age of 42, he wears a shoe size of 6, this gives him the compassion and understanding of what it truly feels like to be a little man in little shoes. His understanding of sales, finance, and business helps make us one of the top-rate animal removal services in Florida. Kenny takes extreme pride in his quality assurance, ensuring each and every job is done to the customers satisfaction. His clients value his ability to put their concerns at ease by thoroughly explaining how the company can provide solutions to their problems.

James Valdes, Vice President of Field Operations, brings more than 25 years of wildlife trapping and animal handling experience to our Wildlife Control Company. Growing up in Cuba, James often struggled to bring food to the table. He had to become resourceful and find ways to capture and trap animals in order to eat and live. James lived off of Rodents for nearly 15 years before Brendan met James in Cuba. Brendan was overseas studying wildlife biology and local rodent behaviors due to the issues that south florida was having with invasive rodent problems. This is where Brendan met James, he was living in the streets but the word was he was the rodent trap KING of Cuba. Brendan and James hit it off, James taught Brendan how to properly catch and track rodents. Brendan offered James a technical position with Centurian and ever since James has been a very very valuable resource to Centurian in training our technicians in the art of rodent trapping and wildlife removal. James began trapping wildlife at a very young age and has been able to perfect his talents over a quarter century. James's knowledge of how the animals react and adapt to their ever-changing environments has been key in removing these pesky, often dangerous animals from unwanted places and transporting them to their natural refuge. James is still out in the field every day riding with our technicians ensuring quality and customer service, dont be surprised if he comes down from the attic with empty traps though, he may have just gotten hungry and had an afternoon snack!